I knew Thurl at Vodafone, but I started working directly with her only when she became my remote “Virtual Assistant” in 2018. Thurl is making my professional life, my travel and my communications amazingly well organised, across different engagements, countries and even different office applications.  She is available 24/7 and like a senior on-site PA intervenes autonomously and intelligently when required, and allows flexibility and change of planning when appropriate.  I could not have a better transition without her and I now appreciate immensely her very professional and modern model for support. I already recommended her and will continue to do so.


Minister for Technological Innovation & Digital Transition, Italian Government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi | Former Vice Chairman Europe - General Atlantic | Former Group CEO - Vodafone Plc
After retiring as the Group Chief Executive of RB plc in 2019, I knew I would require the continuity of an experienced executive assistant in my professional and personal life during my transition period.  Thurl came highly recommended to provide such a service as an independent virtual/remote working PA. She has been available 24/7 operating like a senior on-site PA and has successfully provided a constant presence to my contacts, acted intelligently as a focal point to assist in the scheduling of my meetings and prioritising my commitments when required. I would like to thank her immensely for her professional and highly efficient support and ensuring that my transition has been seamless.  I would recommend her without hesitation.


Founder 12 Flags | Non-Executive Director – NHS England | Former Group Chief Executive, RB plc (Reckitt Benckiser)
When I stopped working full time I needed a part time assistant. TBVA was the perfect solution. Thurl is very experienced in supporting senior executives. She is highly efficient and always available, but more importantly she understands my priorities and is very proactive in ensuring I am organised and prepared for travel and meetings.


Chairman - Ceres Power Holdings plc | Senior Independent Director & Chairman of Nominations Committee – Avast plc
I moved to a portfolio existence with three main centres and international travel from having a permanent base with a PA outside my office. I travelled previously but had become accustomed to that close support. Thurl has succeeded in filling (that gap) / (the gap of a PA outside my office) being at the end of the phone whenever needed regardless of time zones, at the other end of emails following up tactfully (but persistently), basically keeping my working life on track and making me more efficient. She provides a great presence to my contacts and me whether handling senior or junior contacts and keeps my diary just as I want it. I had not expected a virtual PA to be able to do so much, be so efficient and it reflects Thurl’s experience, commitment, and excellent organisational skills.


Chairman of the Egyptian British Chamber of Commerce
Thurl and I worked together in a conventional office relationship for 11 years. When we both moved on, and Thurl established herself as a virtual PA, the opportunity for me to continue to enjoy the exceptional support she had always given was irresistible.  She has made the change to virtual working with all her usual energy, efficiency, and positive professionalism.  Virtually, as much as in the office, Thurl is a fantastic colleague, bringing dynamism, good humour and tremendous commitment to everything she does. The support Thurl can give is dedicated, intelligently adapting to changes to programmes and juggling diary demands, and seemingly always available. I would unhesitatingly recommend Thurl.


former Group External Affairs Director & Executive Committee Board Member, Vodafone / former British Ambassador, Helsinki
Thurl has been supporting my residential sales team for several years now on a remote “virtual” basis.  The concept of virtual support was unknown to me, but I can definitely say I have never looked back since fully embracing this method of working for my business.  Thurl continually provides the essential administrative support that my sales team need and her positive and proactive approach is a blessing to us all in the office. As a small business owner, I knew we needed an additional pair of hands to cover the consistent sales chasing with buyers/sellers, solicitors and mortgage lenders during the sales process through to completion, but another full time member of staff in the office was not an option. Thurl has most definitely been the perfect solution for my business, allowing the sales team to focus on generating the fee income that is the lifeblood of our company. Thurl has revolutionised our sales chasing process by devising new and innovative processes to provide shared online “up to date” data for the sales team.  She may not be located within our sales office, but she is an integral and important part of our team.  Always available at the end of the phone or email.  Constantly picking up last minute requests and dealing with them in an efficient and professional manner. Without doubt I would recommend her virtual support services to any busy professional or business looking to hire “that extra pair of hands”. My team would be lost without her!


Managing Director, Focus Residential Ltd
I have worked with Thurl for about 10 years during which time she was the driving force behind numerous large-scale global events.  I could never fault the precision and thoroughness with which she ensured everything ran smoothly and would very highly recommend her skills in this capacity and many others.  Her organisation skills are exemplary, her dedication and thoroughness ensure that the finest of details are always considered in the service she provides, and she does so at tremendous speed.  She is also incredibly personable and builds supportive relationships whoever she interacts with. She is able to spot problems before they arise and deals intelligently and rapidly with any issues.  As a Virtual Assistant I believe she is in a class of her own.


Founder, Humanity Means Business
Thurl has an unrivalled work ethic, being not only unflappable and resilient but also particularly hard working and engaged 24/7. By being at the ultimate front line of senior corporate culture for so long she is perfectly positioned to support someone who needs to ‘get things done’ with tact and tenacity.


VP Public Policy Europe, Middle East and Africa, Facebook
I cannot recommend Thurl highly enough; she is organised, highly efficient and a pleasure to work with. She is an extremely hard worker and manages complex work effortlessly. Thurl would be a true asset for anyone needing a virtual assistant and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.


Head of Services Regulation, Vodafone